Location Guide

This guide will help you decide where to have your photo session with Ashley Homan Photography! These are great spots for any type of portrait session - family, senior, couples & engagement. There are Google Maps pins to help you see where the locations are, as well as slideshows with photos I've taken at each location.

Myrtle Beach Area

1. I can come to you!

If you're staying in a private condo or house by the beach, it's often easiest for me to come to you (especially if you have a large crew)! I can also come to a hotel, but keep in mind that it may be busier than other locations. 

2. Huntington Beach State Park (South of Myrtle Beach)

Huntington Beach State Park is one of my favorite spots in the Myrtle Beach area. It's on the south side, technically located in Murrells Inlet. It may be a bit of a drive for some people staying in the heart of Myrtle Beach (30-45 minutes), but if you're able and willing to make the drive, it's worth it. It's much less busy than other areas (especially in the middle of summer) and has much more space. It has the beach with plenty of beach accesses. It also has pretty greenery areas and the rustic Atalaya Castle. It is very versatile. There are plenty of trees for shade in case you need a session sometime other than "golden hour" (sunset or sunrise) times. It also offers areas to get out of the wind on some days if that's an issue. I have an extra state park pass I can lend to get one vehicle in for free. Any additional people are $8 per adult to get into the park (kids and seniors are less). 


3. Myrtle Beach State Park

Myrtle Beach State Park is one of the closest photo locations to downtown Myrtle Beach. It's a beautiful spot with a pier and wooden boardwalk. There are also scenic greenery areas and woodsy nature trails. It's very versatile. The one downside is that it can be quite crowded in the summer months, and there's less space than Huntington Beach State Park. I recommend it highly in the off-season months around October-April. In the summer months, I only recommend it if you really need something close to where you're staying. Otherwise, I'd suggest the other options. I have an extra state park pass I can lend to get one vehicle in for free. Any additional people are $8 per adult to get into the park (kids and seniors are less). 


4. Cherry Grove Fishing Pier (North Myrtle Beach)

Cherry Grove Fishing Pier is in North Myrtle Beach. It's usually not too crowded and has a decent amount of space. There is a nice pier, but no greenery options. If you're staying in the North Myrtle Beach area, this is a great option! There is a parking garage directly across the street that has free parking in the off-season, and it's very affordable in the summer months (you'll need the Passport Parking app to pay). 


5. Pawleys Island (South of Myrtle Beach)

Pawleys Island (parking lot south) is a great option if you're staying on the southern side of Myrtle Beach. It is a very spacious beach and usually not crowded at all (even if there are a lot of people, there's plenty of room to spread out). It has one of the best views of sunset because of the inlet, meaning you can see the sunset in the background with the water in view. It has a free parking lot. 



Charleston Area

7. Hampton Park

Hampton Park is my favorite location in the Charleston area! While downtown Charleston is nice, parking can be a real challenge and it can be quite busy. Hampton Park, on the other hand, has a large parking lot (free to park in) and plenty of space. It's versatile with a variety of different areas for photos.